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Hiking on mt Elgon

Mountain Elgon is not a difficult mountain to climb. Aspirant hikers need to be reasonably fit, but no specialized equipment or skills are needed to reach the peaks, and the mountain is not so high that there's a serious risk of the altitude-related illnesses that regularly afflict hikers on the upper slopes of the mounts Kilimanjaro, kenya or rwenzori.

Elgon can be climbed at any time of the year, though the dry season (June-August and December-March ). The most favourable months are November and December given the fact that it is when the highland flowers are in bloom. Traditionally, the most popular destination on the Mt. Elgon are the Sipi Falls on Sipi River that flows from the upper slopes of Mt. Elgon before cascading down the foothill to form a series of four pretty waterfalls culminating in a 99m drop at an altitude of 1,775m outside the small trading centre of Sipi. The Sipi are 60km from Mbale town by Road .Heavy clothing are highly recommended.