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Mountain Rwenzori

Rwenzori is the third highest mountain range in Africa. It's highest peaks , Margherita (5,109m) and Alexandra (5083m) on Mount Stanley, are exceeded in altitude elsewhere in Africa only by Kilimanjaro and Mt. kenya, both of which are extinct volcanoes standing in isolation above the surrounding plains.

The Rwenzori Mountains are unique among East Africa's major peaks in that they are not Volcanic in Origin, but they do rise directly from the Rift valley floor and their formation , like that of Kilimanjaro and Kenya, was linked to the geological glacial peaks in the Rwenzori's: Mt Speke(4,890M) , Mount Emin (4,727m), Mount Gessi (4,715m) and Mount Luigi da Savoia (4,627m).

The Rwenzoris are Known primarily for their challenging hiking and climbing possibilities but the range also supports a diversity of animals including mammal and 177 bird species ,several of the latter being Albertine Rift Endemics. Come explore the mountains of the moon as they are know by the local people