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What you need to know

When To Visit

Uganda has a beautiful climate (Hot and Wet) all year round and can be visited at any time. The temperatures range from 19 degrees Celsius to 30 degrees Celsius in the day and 14-20 degrees Celsius in the night. The hottest months are from December-January and the wettest and coolest months are March-May and the mid-September to November. Activities like mountain hikes, which involving tracking through steep slopes with dense foliage and undergrowth and other gorilla tour forest walks are more challenging during the rains, which generally peak over mid-September to November and March to May.


You will arrive by air, landing at Entebbe International Airport. We shall pick you up from the airport on arrival and drop you back at the end of your visit.
In case you are a Ugandan or you are within the country or arriving by road, we will also pick you up from a point of your convenience


A number of good hotels are available to choose from to suit every budget. Elsewhere across the country and in the National Parks, hotels and inns are generally available, but quality of service and quantity of rooms vary greatly. We take the utmost care in booking decent Hostels and Lodges for our guests.

On Arrival

Uganda?s Customs and immigration officials are very welcoming, polite and efficient. For those who require a visa, you can process right at Entebbe International Airport or at any border crossing. Forex bureaus for currency exchange and ATM facilities are provided at the airport. There are also a number of shops and restaurants for those who would like something urgently at the airport. When requested many of the hotels be it midrange will arrange for airport pickups, as well as the tour company to organizing your safari.

Hand Luggage

Keep any medication and important papers in your carry-on bag. packing a fresh change of clothes is a good idea as bags tend to get delayed or lost on long haul, multiple stop flights. You don't want to end up stuck without medication, clothes or your important papers even if it is just for a few days


Uganda is generally a safe country. One is required to have a certificate of yellow fever vaccination. All visitors to Uganda should take anti-malaria drugs as a precaution against this prevalent disease. The AIDS scourge which afflicted the nation has dramatically dropped due to a strong AIDS sensitization campaign by the government .We recommend that you do not drink tap water. Most hotels and restaurants provide previously boiled drinking water. Mineral bottled water is also available.

Be smart about malaria

This is your biggest health risk in Africa, especially south of the Sahara. Rely only on advice from travel health specialists.

Get immunized

Stop worrying about nasties like yellow fever and Hepatitis B, by getting the right immunizations. (You may have to show proof of vaccination against certain diseases before you can enter the country this include yellow fever.)
Visit the dentist before you go:

Protect yourself from insects

Malaria, dengue fever, and yellow fever are transmitted by bug bites. Cover up with clothes, use insect repellent, and sleep under a mosquito net.

Think before you take a dip

Schistosomiasis (also known as bilharzia) is a parasitic-carried disease that you can catch by swimming, bathing, or paddling in fresh water lakes in East Africa.

Respect the heat

Take time to acclimatise, drink plenty of bottled water, and take it easy in the heat of the day.

Bring sturdy footwear

Sore feet can ruin a trip, and blisters, chafing and other injuries are common causes of major foot infections.

Be prepared

A well-stocked, sterile medical kit, including painkillers, blister ointment, and adhesive tape is vital. If you're on an adventure trip, such as river rafting on the River Nile, consider getting basic first aid training first.

We have an understanding with International reputable hospital in Kampala Uganda to be our contact hospital in case of any health emergency for our clients when on a visit to Uganda. The service the Surgery offers us includes emergency and ambulance services if ever need.


The unit of currency is the Uganda shilling. Most tour companies prefer that tourist pay in US dollars, but Euros and Pound Sterling are also widely accepted. Hard currency cash can be changed for the local currency at any of the banks and forex bureaus in all the towns within Uganda, although one will find difficulty using travellers cheques outside of Kampala. You can draw the Ugandan Shilling against Visa and other major credit cards at selected bank ATMs in Kampala, Entebbe International Airport, as well as in other larger towns outside of the Capital


Several international banks operate in Kampala including Barclay's bank, Standard Chartered bank, stanbic bank and Baroda. Many local banks and foreign exchange bureaus also operate across the country. Generally the banking hours are 8.30a.m to 4:00p.m - Monday to Friday, though some institutions are open longer hours and on Saturdays. There are no longer restrictions on foreign exchange transactions and currency is easily convertible. You can change your currency into local shillings very easily.

Credit Cards

AMEX, Visa and Master Card are only accepted at a few choice establishments and in banks in the cities, You can now use your visa card to draw money from your account in Europe or America. we however advise that you take cash to be on the safe side.


Fresh tropical fruits and vegetables are plentiful throughout the country. A wide range of dishes, both traditional and international, are served in the hotels and restaurants. We will make sure that you have a variety of good food while on your visit with Farlook safaris.


On safari, your meals will be included in your package. Advise us about what you will and will not eat, if you're a vegetarian or have food allergies. The main complaint on most safaris is that the food is so good travelers end up gaining weight. Don't just stick to the Western-style food served in reputable hotels. Know your region's specialty so you can sample it while there. Uganda offer German and Indian,chinese foods as well as great meals made from fresh foods